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 Monday, April 9


  • Introduction to simple harmonic motion

  • Pendulum period dependency. Investigation of amplitude, mass, and length

  • Spring period dependency. Investigation of ampitude, mass, and spring constant

  • Quantify spring and pendulum motion. Analyze 1 second pendulum and washboarded roads


Tuesday, April 10


  • Slinky demonstration for transverse and longitudinal waves

  • Transverse wave parts: wavelength, period, frequency, amplitude, trough, crest, energy addition direction

  • Longitudinal wave parts: wavelength, period, frequency, amplitude, rarefaction, compression, energy addition direction

  • Wave velocity dependency on material density: water wave and sound wave speeds

  • Calculate wavelength for AM and FM stations 


Wednesday, April 11


  • Intro. to speed of sound lab

  • Some othear wave demonstrations

  • Demonstration of the doppler effect


Thursday, April 12


  • P. 453; 22-23, 30-33 due

  • Go over problems together


Friday, April 13


  • P. 453; 36-41 due

  • Go over problems together


Monday, April 16


  • Standing waves



Tuesday, April 17


  • Resonance in materials


Wednesday, April 18


  • P. 492, 20-25 due

  • Field trip to the planetarium for resonance demonstrations

  • Range of human hearing

  • Pair of tuning forks

  • Singing rod demo


Thursday, April 19


  • AP Problems 13-1 due

  • TESS satellite launch

  • Doppler effect and planet detection

  • Time for sound vs light to travel with lightning


Friday, April 20


  • Speed of Sound Lab due

  • Some other sound phenomena

  • Ultrasonic and infrasonic waves

AP Physics I - Chapters 13, 14, 21

Waves & Sound

Unit Outline with Standards

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