Thursday, December 7


  • Plane mirrors
  • Description of virtual image that forms behind mirror.
  • Do ray tracing of object with dimension traveling to the eye from the mirror and the virtual image that forms
  • Do another ray tracing of multiple rays emanating from an object to the mirror and show the virtual image as convergence of reflected rays.
  • Define magnification as ratio image size to object size as well as ratio of image distance to object distance.



Friday, December 8


  • Problem with tree in reflection of plane mirror. How far do you have to stand from a 20 m tall tree to see its reflection in a 20 cm tall mirror if the mirror is 1 m from your eye?
  • Description of rear view mirror and its nighttime function. Descrption of passenger side mirror as a convex mirror. Show how concave and convex mirror images form as a function of distance to the object. Show how radius of curvature is found as a cutaway from a sphere.


Monday, December 11


  • Ray diagrams for convex mirrors.


Tuesday, December 12


  • Ray diagrams for concave mirrors


Wednesday, December 13


  • P. 781 first problem set due
  • Go over problems


Thursday, December 14


  • P. 781, 10-14 due
  • Go over problems


Friday, December 15


  • No class due to Holiday Concert rehearsal


Monday, December 18


  • Refraction at plane surfaces - ray diagrams and apparent distances
  • Types of mirrors
  • Convex lens ray diagram - the magnifying glass


Tuesday, December 19


  • Concave lens ray diagram


Wednesday, December 20


  • Virtual field trip to Hawaii's telescopes


Thursday, December 21


  • Work on problems


Tuesday, January 2


  • P. 782; 29-31, 34-35 due


Wednesday, January 3


  • Telescope design as a multiple element system
  • Light bucket principle


Thursday, January 4


  • Ray diagrams for multiple element systems


Friday, January 5 - No school - too cold or whatever

Monday, January 8


  • P. 782; 36-37, 39-41 due
  • Intro. to Mirror & Lens Lab


Tuesday, January 9 through Thursday, January 11


  • Mirror & Lens Lab


Friday, January 13


  • Chapter 23 Test


AP Physics 2 - Chapter 23

Mirrors & Lenses

Unit Outline with Standards

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