Monday, January 22


  • A Tour of the Solar System
  • Relative distances in space - planetary and stellar mean distances
  • Gravity as a centripetal force
  • Ptolemeic and Copernican systems in a historical perspective
  • Brahe and Kepler's contribution to planetary motion


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    Monday, January 29


    • Kepler's three laws of planetary motion
    • 1st law demonstration with film cans on white board
    • 2nd law demonstration with equal area/equal time law
    • 3rd law example: Orbital period of another planet
    • Derivation of time and radius laws
    • Some other Kepler's Third Law examples
    • Geosynchronous satellite orbital radius and its comparison to the orbital altitude
    • Discovering exoplanets: A planet is found to orbit another star with a period of 4.5 years at a distance of 18 AU. We find that another planet orbits at a radius of 9 AU. What is that planet's orbital period?
    • P. 195, 41-44 due
    • Go over problems 41-44 together
    • Newton's perspective on orbits as projectile motion
    • Intro. to Universal Law of Gravitation
    • Some more Universal Gravitation examples
    • Force between a person and a stapler 2 m apart
    • Force between a person and the Earth
    • Force between the Earth and Sun
    • Intro. to Gravity Lab
    • P. 195, 32-37 due
    • Hand in problems
    • Collect gravity lab data
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    Monday, February 5 - 2 hour delay



    Tuesday, February 6




    • Calculating g as an acceleration due to gravity and as a field strength
    • velocity in orbit as ratio of circumference to period AND from Fc=Fg
    • Work on gravity lab and problems
    • Gravity Lab due
    • Newton's Version of Kepler's Third Law
    • Examples of Newton's Version of Kepler's Third Law
    • Return/review problems and lab
    • More orbital example problems
    • P. 196; 50-54 due
    • Go over problems together in class
    • Orbital Problems due
    • Hand out printed solutions instead of going over on the board because of a shortened class period.
    • Chapter 8 Review due
    • Go over problems together
    • Any questions?

Wednesday, February 7 - Snow Day


  • Thursday, February 8


    • Falcon heavy launch and impulse

  • Friday, February 9


    • Chapter 8 Test

Physics 1 Honors - Chapter 8

Forces and Motion in Two Dimensions

Unit Outline with Standards

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