Tuesday, January 16


  • Diffraction and interference example with the signal generator and speakers in B124
  • Double slit diffraction demonstration with laser in the classroom
  • Discussion of waves being in phase and out of phase.


Wednesday, January 17


  • Behavior of waves at edges of barriers - water waves, sound waves, light waves
  • Path length difference for waves and how it reinforces or destroys waves.
  • Destructive and constructive interference for waves if you split a single source with a beam splitter.
  • Derivation of interference formula


Thursday, January 18


  • Interference formula and its derivation showing sin theta is about tan theta.
  • Diffraction example problem with speaker and radio waves and laser at different widths.


Friday, January 19


  • Some more diffraction examples.


Monday, January 22


  • P. 781 first problem set due
  • Go over problems


Tuesday, January 23


  • P. 781, 10-14 due
  • Go over problems


Wednesday, January 24


  • Transmission interference example with IR and windows
  • Stealth technology
  • Interference by reflection at thin films


Thursday, January 25


  • Wave gap interference examples and account for n if not vacuum


Friday, February 2


  • P. 815; 35-39, 46 due


Monday, February 5 - 2 hour delay


  • Test will be Wednesday due to 2 hour delay today
  • Intro. to Atomic & Nuclear energy
  • Forms of radioactive decay - alpha, beta, gamma
  • Sources of radiation and geiger counter demonstrations


Tuesday, February 6


  • Writing nuclear decay equations
  • Alpha particles as helium nucleii
  • Beta particles as electrons and positrons (with neutrinos)
  • Gamma decay as photons from the nucleus


Wednesday, February 7


  • Chapter 24 Test


AP Physics 2 - Chapter 24

Wave optics

Unit Outline with Standards

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