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 Friday, April 27


  • Comparing gravitational and electric forces

  • Coulomb's law and Coulomb's constant

  • Find the force of repulsion of two electrons a distance of 1 m apart

  • Compare the electrical repulsion to the gravitational attraction


Monday, April 30


  • 2-d electrical forces and field examples

  • Comparing electric fields with gravitational fields


Tuesday, May 1


  • Intro. to speed of sound lab

  • Some othear wave demonstrations

  • Demonstration of the doppler effect


Wednesday, May 2



  • Go over problems together


Thursday, May 3



  • Go over problems together


Star Wars Day!


  • Standing waves



Monday, May 7


  • Intro. to electric field lab

  • Meaning of equipotential and field lines


Tuesday, May 8


  • Electric field lab



Wednesday, May 9


  • Continue electric field lab


Thursday, May 10


  • Electric field lab due


Friday, May 11


  • Electric field quiz

AP Physics I - Chapter 15

Electric fields and forces

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