Monday, December 11


  • Intro. to 2-D motion and static forces
  • Statics vs. dynamics
  • The Bird on a Wire problem as a demonstration with the rope and weight
  • Hang a 5 kg mass from a pair of ropes that make a 30° angle with the horizontal. How much tension is in each rope? What if the angle is reduced to 10°? What about 1°?
  • A 30 N sign is supported by a horizontal cable and a cable that makes a 50° angle with the horizontal. How much tension is in each cable?



Tuesday, December 12


  • Forces on inclined planes
  • Rotation of 2-D axis to match plane surface. Description of forces that act on objects in equilibrium and dynamic cases on inclined planes


Wednesday, December 13


  • P. 170, 30-34 due
  • Go over problems in class


Thurday, December 14 - short due to 2 hour delay


  • Friction on inclined planes
  • Intro. to Inclined Plane Lab


Friday, December 15


  • P. 170, 35-38 due
  • Hand in problems
  • Work on inclined plane lab


Monday, December 18


  • 1-D projectiles
  • Simple monkey gun demonstration
  • Finding time is the key to solving projectile problems
  • A toy car rolls off our 0.95 m tall lab desk at a speed of 3.0 m/s. Where does it hit the ground?
  • How high is a cliff if a rock that rolls off the cliff hits at a velocity of 22 m/s at an angle of 15° from the vertical?


Tuesday, December 19


  • P. 170, 39-41 and 45 due
  • Go over problems together

Wednesday, December 21


  • Friction on Inclined Plane lab due
  • Qualitative type 2 projectile example


Thursday, December 22


  • Work on problems


Tuesday, January 2


  • Type 2 projectile example problems


Wednesday, January 3


  • Intro. to Projectile Lab


Thursday, January 4


  • Projectile Lab


Friday, January 5 - No School (too cold or whatever)


Monday, January 8


  • Projectile problems due (put solutions on the board)


Tuesday, January 9


  • Definining rotational speed as the ratio of circumference to period
  • Defining centripetal acceleration
  • Defining centripetal force
  • Know that centripetal force is always provided by some action force
    • Tension force if a ball whirled on a string
    • Friction force for a car going around a corner
    • Gravitational force for orbital motion
    • Electrical force for electron motion around a nucleus


Wednesday, January 10


  • Work on projectiles lab
  • Work on circular motion problems
  • Work on Chapter 7 Review


Thursday, January 11


  • P. 172, 49-53 due
  • Go over problems on the board.
  • Continue working on Chapter 7 Review and Projectiles Lab


Friday, January 12


  • Projectiles Lab Due
  • Go over problems on the board.
  • Continue working on Chapter 7 Review and Projectiles Lab


Monday, January 15 - No School - Teacher Inservice

Tuesday, January 16 - no class 7th (early dismissal)


  • Chapter 7 Review due
  • Go over problems on the board.
  • Go over issues with the inclined plane and projectiles lab


Wednesday, January 17


  • Go over some review problems on the board.


Thursday, January 18


  • Go over remaining review problems on the board.


Friday, January 19


  • Chapter 7 Test


Monday, January 22


  • Introduction to Gravitational motion
  • Tour of the Solar System model
  • Gravity as a centripetal force

Physics 1 Honors - Chapter 7

Forces and Motion in Two Dimensions

Unit Outline with Standards

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