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Monday, March 5


  • A quick review of electric fields and forces and how they relate to gravitational fields and forces
  • Gravitational acceleration is mass dependent; electric acceleration is mass AND charge dependent
  • Work to move charges in electric fields


Tuesday, March 6


  • Work to move electrons in fields
  • Meaning of electrical potential and how it relates to potential energy (work)


Wednesday, March 7


  • Introduction to capacitors as a means to store electrical charge
  • Practical applications of capacitors
  • Definition of capacitance and its units


Thursday, March 8


  • Physical dimensions of capacitors and breakdown voltage.


Friday, March 9 - no school - teacher inservice


Monday, March 12


  • P. 562, 1-6 due
  • Go over problems


Tuesday, March 13


  • P. 563, 11-15 due
  • Go over problems


Wednesday, March 14


  • Some more capacitor examples


Thursday, March 15


  • P. 564, 22-24, 26-27 due
  • Work on problems and hand in when complete

AP Physics 2 - Chapter 16


Unit Outline with Standards

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