Fishy Business

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Welcome back!

It's a brand new school year and I'm excited for fish and physics! I hope you're ready to learn some awesome stuff this year.


I'm available to offer assistance just about every day in my classroom (F115). You can find me before school starting about 7:00am, during Bank period, and after school most days.


Welcome to the new site! After a three year hiatus I'm back online with:

  • Video links

  • Homework hints

  • Schedule

  • Lesson planning

  • Class documents


Check back to see all the great stuff going on in our room!

We have about a few hundred baby clownfish that were born in our hatchery. Stop by F115 to see them.


Our new 550 gallon aquarium from was installed in January 2017. Click here for details.


The next frag swap is on October 14th in Lancaster, PA. Join the Reef Conservation Society for another great event.

Banner Printer Information

Our school has a big banner printer. We're currently not making prints but will resume service as soon as we can get some more ink. 


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